Child rights and protection

Child Rights and Protection

Children are citizens in their own right and should be protected by those who care and educate them.

Research shows that there is a huge knowledge gap when it comes to Child’s Rights in Early Years Care and Learning environment.

The knowledge of children’s rights by caregivers will help promote the health, safety and development of the total child.

This course will help raise awareness and understanding of child rights in the childcare centre.

Different Case Studies will be reviewed, and an improved approach of implementation of Child’s Rights by caregivers will be encouraged.

What will you get?

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  2. CPD E-Certificate

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2 thoughts on “Child Rights and Protection”

  1. Thanks so much for this enlightenment. Some of this laws we take for granted. I think it’s better to work with the law than to be a victim of government prosecution.

    In a situation where the caregiver is seeking the best for a child (being a professional) and the parents seems not cooperating or does not by the idea of the caregiver and the situation is affecting the child, what advice/suggestions will you give such caregiver in order not to have arguement?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Based on your question, when a parent is adamant, the best approach is to help them understand the laws guiding your decisions and the sanctions for violations. Let them see reasons that they are also your partners in ensuring the child gets the best.
      I believe a clear explanation will help them see reasons knowing that you have the interest of their child at heart.

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