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This is a support platform for Childcare and Early Childhood Professionals to build unique capacity and competence in early childhood education and childcare services, operations, administration and management.

A community for Daycare/Nursery Owners and staff to get help, resources, valuable interactions and networking for continuous professional development and business growth.

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Our Bundle Package is designed for 5 users.

When you purchase our bundle package for £100 pounds, you get access to 10 CPD courses of your choice, plus additional access for 4 other users. This means you and 4 other persons invited by you can get access to the same courses you selected.

Our CPD courses are courses below 100 pounds.

Choose 10 from these CPD courses for £100 pounds today and start learning with your friends, colleagues or family.

You also get access to our Childcare Professionals Online Forum where we network, interact and learn from other childcare professionals.

Are you planning to start-up a new childcare centre? You probably have loads of questions you need practical answers to. Imagine being able to open a new centre and be confident that you have everything you need to build your facility from a solid foundation. This is what you get from our childcare business management course.

The Childcare Business Management course covers the step-by-step roadmap to help you launch your childcare business with the right foundation, and the right business models that will accelerate your business growth and sustainability.

Course Fee: £550
This fee includes course materials, childcare business management manual, starter kit, and a full coloured A4 certificate.

Professional Childcare & Routine Management course is a practical hands-on training designed for childcare providers, nursery staff and homeschooling parents to learn developmentally appropriate strategies for turning daily routines into enjoyable and meaningful learning experiences for young children.

This is a Bespoke customized training delivered in your facility or home, at your own scheduled time. All you need to do is give us a call to schedule your training session.

Duration: One Day (In-House)
Training Fee: £537 pounds per participant
This fee includes course materials, professional childcare and routine management manual, lesson plan bundle, assessment and a full coloured A4 certificate.

With KL Childcare Academy as your support partner, we would take on the administrative burden of running an efficient childcare and early learning centre, allowing you to focus your expertise and passion on the delivery of high-quality care and education.

While we offer full package service, we also tailor our services to meet your individual needs, giving you the exact bespoke support that you need.


We offer 24/7 administrative service tailored to meet your need. Our 24/7 service has allowed organizations to modify their staffing plan, cut payroll costs, while having all tasks completed to the highest standard.

Our team members are available to you 24/7 to complete any task, support both staff and parents, and ensure your facility is always running in best practice.



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