Flexicare: On-demand Childcare Staffing Solutions


Are you in need of reliable and qualified childcare staff and support workers to work with you, cover unexpected absences, vacations, or peak periods? Look no further than KLCA Flexicare services.

Experience flexibility with our on-demand staffing solutions. From childcare staff to teaching assistants, and administrative staff, we match you with trained professionals ready to contribute to your home, school, or recreation centre. Our team is spread across the UK, ensuring you get the right fit.

We understand the challenges of managing staffing shortages and maintaining a high level of care in your childcare centre or residential children homes and schools. With flexicare, you can have peace of mind knowing that your staffing needs will be met efficiently and seamlessly.

Why choose KLCA Flexicare?

  1. Flexible and reliable staff: our extensive network of qualified childcare professionals and support workers ensures that we can provide you with dedicated and experienced staff whenever you need them. Our caregivers and support workers are carefully vetted, possess relevant qualifications, and have a passion for working with children and young adults.
  2. On-Demand staffing: whether you require a substitute teacher, support workers, nursery assistants, nannies, an extra pair of hands in the classroom, or support for specific programs or events, flexicare is here to assist you. We offer flexible staffing solutions that align with your home or centre’s requirements, including full day, half day, overnight, weekend, holiday and hourly options.

No task is too big or too small for our result-oriented team. If you’re seeking staff or want to be a part of our Flexi-Staff, reach out to us today. Your childcare experience just got a whole lot better!



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