When you are dedicated to providing an excellent quality service, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the workload and demands on your time, as you juggle the administrative side of your childcare business.

With KL Childcare Academy as your support partner, we would take on the administrative burden of running an efficient childcare and early learning centre, allowing you to focus your expertise and passion on the delivery of high-quality care and education.

While we offer full package service, we also tailor our services to meet your individual needs, giving you the exact bespoke support that you need.


We offer 24/7 administrative service tailored to meet your need. Our 24/7 service has allowed organizations to modify their staffing plan, cut payroll costs, while having all tasks completed to the highest standard.

Our team members are available to you 24/7 to complete any task, support both staff and parents, and ensure your facility is always running in best practice.

Below is a highlight of what to expect from our support services:

1. Regular Site Visits.

2. Regular phone and email support

3. Book keeping and Accounting Support

4. Operational policy and procedure development and review.

5. Budget setting and management

6. Income generation and diversification

7. Marketing and Brand development

8. Staff training, development and networking.

9. Business health check

10. Quality Assurance and Compliance Audit

11. Pre and Post Inspection Support.

12. Service Debt Management.

As your Administrative Support Partners, we do not supervise your staff, we supervise your systems, and work with your entire staff and team members to ensure implementation of your organization’s policies and procedures.


We work with:

–          New and Existing Childcare Owners

–          Childcare Directors. Administrators and staff

–          Parents

–          Industry Leaders etc

If you are ready to get some real help to get your business moving, our expert team is ready and waiting to hear from you.


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