A Daycare/Preschool Owner is responsible for the safety of the children and staff in the facility. Hence it is important to take note of various emergencies that may likely occur and take necessary steps to put an emergency preparedness Plan in place. This will help you take the right actions in coordinating events or emergencies when they occur.

With the recent pandemic experienced globally, many daycare and schools were caught off-guard and were devastated with the news of the outbreak. This is because they had no plan in place to handle emergencies when they occur.

Every Daycare owner/preschool must have a written emergency preparedness plan that includes minimum procedures to be taken by the director, staff and even parents during any of the following:

– A fire outbreak

– Infectious disease outbreak

– Illness or injury

– Riot

– Violent intruder

– Missing child

– Death

– Collapse or explosions,

– Bomb threats or explosions,

– Terrorist attack,

– Water or gas leakage

– Lockdown etc.

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing your plan:

1. Your overall goal is to see how to minimize the overall risk of any emergency on the children and your business.

2. Review and make plans for each of the various emergency situations that may likely occur.

3. Your plan should include how you will notify and update parents, guardians during and after any emergency.

4. You must conduct emergency drills periodically. These drills must be documented, and reviewed holistically you’re your management team and staff. Necessary corrections and input must be perfected.

5. Emergency evacuation plan must be discussed with staff and parents and posted in each room in the facility.

Sometimes you may say “God forbid, it won’t be my portion, how can I plan for disaster on myself”. Actually, that is a layman’s thought. No one prays for disaster but most of these situations are sometimes inevitable so it is important for you to plan for them. This will help minimize the effect on the facility and your overall business. You will be able to manage the situation well and eventually bounce back from them within a short time.

This can only be possible if you make effort to have a well-structured and intentionally designed Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Make the best of an Emergency.

Be Prepared…

Your Motivations for Action:

When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has already passed” – Steven Cyros

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