The Orientation Proper. 
You are now set for the orientation.

The first part of your orientation should cover the following:

1. Explain your organisation chart to the new staff. 

2. Explain your Discipline and Guidance Policy.

3. Your Attendance Requirements. 

4. Your Sign in and Sign out protocols.

5. Your Handwashing Policies and Procedures

 6. Your Covid Protocols, prevention training.

7. Child Abuse Guidance and Prevention policies 

8. Storing and Handling Policies

9. Medication Administration Policies 

10. Sick policy

11. Classroom ratios

12. Curriculum and lesson planning guide. 

13. General Tour of the Facility. 

14. Other centre details you may want to share that is peculiar to your centre. 

When you are done with the general orientation, you can proceed to conduct the sectional orientation.
This will be done based on the unit the staff is being assigned to. 

For example, if a staff is in front desk, you take the staff to the front desk to show how parents sign in and out, where files are kept, documentation requirements and procedures,  how they are maintained etc. 

 If the new staff is in creche, you take her to see the rooms, let her see the ratios, the kids,  the materials, schedules, checklist etc 
You may hand over to the direct supervisor to carry out other orientation in the unit, for more detailed explanation of their daily routines. 

Orientation is very important in every staff recruitment and management process. 
It contributes to the staff performance on the job. 

Do not overlook this process in your recruitment plan. 
If you have already employed staff without an orientation, it’s not too late to schedule one now. 

After the orientation comes the follow up process.

Do you have a training plan?

Do you have a routine staff evaluation plan?

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We will support you all the way.

See you on the other side.

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