Before you conduct any successful Orientation Program, planning is essential. 

Here are some of the things you need to do when planning a successful orientation program for your creche and preschool:
1. Give a notice in advance to the employees so they can prepare for the program. Your notification should include the number of days for the orientation and the schedule. 

Usually there is a general orientation that involves all new staff, then sectional orientation done only with the staff in those sections.
The orientation schedule will state the order of events. That is why orientation must be properly and carefully planned by someone who understands the centre, and its policies and procedures.

You don’t have to employ an external person to handle this for you. The Centre Director, Centre Manager or an experienced staff in the centre can be assigned as the centre orientation officer. 

A New Staff Orientation program is a “Welcome Ceremony” so make provisions for a light refreshment for them no matter how little. 
Show them that you are nice, warm, and accommodating. This will ease them a little and motivate them to also impress you on the job. 

Prepare a Welcome Pack for all new staff. A welcome pack is usually a package that contains the following:

– Your Branded Shirt if any. 

– Their Workwear depending on their position. 

– Their On Duty Footwear if any. 

– Your centre’s policy manual

– A copy of the staff handbook.

 – A copy of their job description.

 – Their Professional Development Training Plan for the Year.

 – Any other thing you may want to include. 

Its time to begin the Orientation Proper. 

That would be in Lesson 4. Lesson 4 will be on the next post on our page. 
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