Are you are planning to Setup a 21st Century Standard Creche or Childcare Business?

Are you a Director in a Creche, Daycare or Preschool who needs a well rounded training in Childcare Business Management?

This ONLINE Course is for you.

This Course covers the Complete Childcare Director Credential Package.

We will take you through a Complete Childcare Business Management Course that covers the Step by Step Roadmap to help you Launch your Business with the right foundation, and the right Business Models that will accelerate your Business growth and Sustainability.

This course is segmented into different Modules with Intensive mentorship sessions, which covers:
1.Personal/Business Evaluation
2.Creating your Childcare Business Models.
3. Carrying out your feasibility studies using our customised template.
4. Mapping out your childcare business plan using our template.
5. Business location set up, approval and licensing guide.
6. Accounting and Administration, Staffing, Health and Safety guide.
7. Budgeting, Online and Offline Marketing guide.
8. Curriculum Development guide etc.

What resources will you get?
– Downloadable Course Videos and Workbooks
– A Feasibility Study Template
– A Childcare Business Plan Template
– A Director’s Personal Evaluation Worksheet
– A Childcare Business Starter Kit which contains some helpful documents you will need for your day to day operations

At the end of the course, you will receive a:
1- Certificate in Childcare Business Management
2- A Credentialed Certificate as a “Certified Childcare Director”

Course Fee: 1,000 dollars 5,000 cedis 350,000 naira
If you are interested in this course, please visit our other website to register You can also reach out to the admin on 2348065956925 for details.

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